It's time for the Oscars and all Hollywood is abuzz, but there are some awards to be given out that the Hollywood elite just might not really care for and they are called The Razzies. Unlike the Oscars, the Razzies. are awarded to various movies and movie stars for successfully lowering the bar to new creative lows.

For the past couple of years, I've been a voting member of the Razzies and I always look forward to voting for my favorite bad movie and believe me there were quite a few last year. I got the original list a few weeks ago and there must have been 15 nominations for Worst Movie. Well, the early voting is done and now, that long list is whittled down to 5 movies and I'd like for you to help me decide which movie really is the worst.


The Razzies are awarded on Saturday, February 25...the night before the Oscars.

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