I'm no doctor, but I guess that just about all of us are covered in skin, yet when one talks about good skin, it's just assumed that it must be something for women, but men need to have good, healthy skin as well.

With that thought in mind, The American Skin Association has just released a list of the steps you can take to have healthier skin and that report was featured on the site PR Newswire and none of the suggestions will drain your wallet or challenge your manhood.

Here are a few great skin tips from that article:

1. Avoid UV exposure -- In other words, wear sunscreen during the day. You should also avoid other sources of UV rays like tanning beds.

2.  Watch out for your general health -- This one covers a lot of territory, but this particular tip covers great skin care techniques. For example: the experts say not to smoke, drink plenty of water and get enough rest, While those steps may not directly impact your skin, the bottom line is that each of these tips can improve your overall health and your skin will reap the benefits.

3. The experts say that both men and women should you be very aware of their skin and notice any changes. In fact. it's suggested that you check out your skin everyday

4.  Pay attention to your skin, so you'll notice any changes.  Ideally, you should check your skin every day in the shower. It's also a good idea to see a dermatologist twice a year.

5. Pay close attention to cuts and scrapes. The experts say you should use antibiotic ointment and all cuts and scrapes. Let, face it. I doesn't have to be a major cut or scrape to get a nasty infection that could take quite some time to go away, Another helpful point and cuts and such and that is quite simply this:

Don't pick at the cut or the scab that forms over the cut. The habit of picking at a sore can lead to scarring and you certainly don't want to go there

Here is the entire article from PRNewswire

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