Have you ever thought to yourself, "Boy, I would love to learn how to fence!" If so, you can train locally every week in Westlake.

  • When: Every Tuesday & Friday
  • Where: Pinederosa Park in Westlake
  • Time: 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Premier HEMA (Historic European Martial Arts) are organizing these events, and they're located in Lake Charles Louisiana. Their focus is on the Italian manuscript Fiore di Battaglia (Flower of Battle), building skill, and eventually sparring in preparation for tournament fights.

Training Requirements:

  • For light training: a steel Feder, synthetic or wood waster, or a sturdy wooden pole between approximately 45-50 inches.
  • For heavy training/light sparring: sword-like object, padded gloves, (lacrosse, or HEMA gauntlets), fencing mask with back of head protection, and groin protection.
  • For tournament prep and full speed sparring, full HEMA kit required.

For more information on this group, click here.

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