These days, one of the surest ways to capitalize on an original blockbuster success is to develop a reality series inspired by its premise. We saw an example earlier this week with The CW putting into development a reality series with a striking similarity to 'The Hunger Games,' though this may be the most surprising example to date. Based on the runaway award-winning success of History's 'Hatfields & McCoys' the cable channel is going back to the well to develop a reality TV series around the descendants of the famous family. Will it be just as buzz-worthy?

The subjects of 'Hatfields & McCoys might be long dead, but that won't stop them from getting another moment in the spotlight. According to Deadline, the History Channel has begun development of a reality series following the descendants of the famous families, capitalizing on the Golden Globe nominations of the Bill Paxton / Kevin Costner mini-series.

The families no longer maintain any real feud, publicly settling their differences both in a famous 1944 Life Magazine photo, and a 2003 declaration of a formal truce.  Still, with upwards of 14 million viewers and 16 total Emmy nominations, you can bet that History will look to imbue a 'Hatfields & McCoys' reality series with plenty of drama in its own right.

A reality series isn't the only attempt to capitalize on the famed families either, as History has continued developing a mini-series about the Texas Rangers from 'Hatfields' producer Leslie Greif. Another contemporary take on the 'Hatfields & McCoys' surfaced at NBC courtesy of Charlize Theron, as well.

What say you? Would you want to see a real-life 'Hatfields & McCoys' as a reality series?

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