Needless to say, I have owned a car or two that was the subject of a recall. Usually, I got a letter from the car dealership informing me that I could come in and get whatever problem needed correcting and that was that, but what if you didn't buy your car from a dealer? If you bought that 1973 Plymouth Duster from your from your next door neighbor, chances are, if your vehicle is recalled, you'll never even know about it. Well, now there's a way to find out if your vehicle has ever been the subject of a recall.

The National Safety Council has launched a website that is easy to use and you can get all the info on your car. All you have to do is type in the VIn number from your car and it's all right there. If you don't know where to find the Vin on your car, it will be on your vehicle registration or in the lower driver's side of the dashboard just below the windshield.

When you type in that 17 digit Vin number, you'll get any information about recalls and you'll also be able to read about how you can get the recall honored and get your vehicle back in safe condition.




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