Many years ago, I lived in a little town called West Covina. Since that time it's become just another town that was swallowed up by Los Angeles, but back then, it was just a wide spot in the road. If you weren't careful, you could find yourself in traffic surrounded by a little motor cycle club known as Hell's Angels. In those days, if you saw a bunch of people all riding motorcycles, it could mean big trouble. Over the years, that image has changed a lot.

Today, if you see a bunch of people riding motorcycles, chances are, they're out riding for a cause and, for the most part, they're riding for kids and families. One such motorcycle club is a group of riders that call themselves "Well Connected Riderz." The group decided that it wanted to make a difference in the community so, seven years ago, they organized the annual "Camp for a Cause and their good deeds continue this year with a special ride to benefit "Oasis; a Safe Haven for Survivors of Domestic and Sexual Violence."

It's a great cause and we can help them reach their goals this Saturday at K-Mart on Ryan Street. These dedicated riders will be at K-Mart from noon until midnight taking your donations. The group will be accepting donations of clothes, toys and canned goods as well as monetary donations to benefit the women and children currently living at the shelter. By the way, the shelter is located at 4070 Ryan in Lake Charles.

Most of us a are lucky in that domestic and sexual violence doesn't touch our lives, but for the women and children staying at the shelter, it's a regular part of their lives and some joy on Christmas would be a welcome change.

For more information call 337-912-8274.

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