Tired of talking about it yet? Our governor certainly isn't.

It goes without saying that the no-call against the Saints, that ultimately cost our team the game (OR MAYBE IT DIDN'T?), upset all Louisianians. Yes, a non-call as egregious as this certainly crosses party lines. Left or right, red or blue, everyone and their momma's are upset about it in our great state.

That's why it wasn't a pleasant surprise to many of us to see our guy, Gov. John Bel Edwards sticking it to the man on our behalf. Edwards wrote a letter to the NFL commissioner explaining the frustration and the heartache that is currently troubling our state.

“The very least that any fan of the Saints, or any other team, should be able to expect from any game is that the result will be decided by the players on the field,” Edwards wrote. “By missing the obvious, blatant and intentional penalty at the end of the game, the referees in Sunday’s game undermined that expectation and unfortunately were allowed to determine the winner.”

He concludes by saying, "We will move past this game, but we will not forget it".

Bravo Governor!



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