Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards has started to adopt a new tone over the last couple of weeks. As Louisiana's COVID-19 hospitalizations shrink by wider margins, and testing capacity increases, the Governor has shown more signs of optimism. Factor in the state's acquisition of more shipments of Remdesivir, a promising COVID treatment drug, and the success of nitric oxide treatments in the state, and things like LSU football season sound better and better.

During today's COVID briefing with Governor Edwards, he said just that. Today, in an optimistic tone, the Governor said:

“I want to think that we are going to have things under control and potentially through the testing, contact tracing the development of more therapeutic treatments and all sorts of things we’ll have the ability to resume any of those activities”

But based on how slow the state has moved into phases of reopening, it's a safe bet that LSU Football won't return to normal right away. This season will be a lot different than last year's National Championship season. Especially in the stands.

This week, Texas will be reopening sports, allowing 25% capacity in the stands for outdoor events in most counties across the state. Which could be foreshadowing for what Louisiana might look like this fall. Texas has been a leader in reopening, while Louisiana has been slower to react. Meaning that Louisiana could watch what Texas does, before moving in a similar direction. Which could open the door for fans in Tiger Stadium this fall.

LSU Head Football Coach Ed Orgeron has recently been as optimistic as his friend, Governor Edwards. In fact, Orgeron has probably been more optimistic. The duo have been linked through the entire pandemic, with Coach O helping with public service announcements for the COVID pandemic early on, while also attending the Governor's task force briefings.

This actually wasn't the first time the pair have joined forces for public service announcements though. Their PSA relationship actually dates back a few years.


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