When I was younger, I remember being told to read everything. Before I eat or use something, I should read the instructions and the fine print. It seems like some people didn't get that memo. Let's talk about Tessica Brown, who became a internet sensation when she decided to use Gorilla Glue for her hair.

She ran out of her original hair product and opted to use the Gorilla Glue instead. She has already raised over $13,000, which I assume is going to be used for treatment with the removal of the product. As a matter of fact, the company behind the Gorilla Glue product has issued an apology to Tessica, which you can see below.

Erik Tee
Erik Tee

I am not one to judge, and I have never had to glue or use any kind of extensions in my hair. However, I am concerned about why she decided to use Gorilla Glue, of all things, as an alternative to hair product. I am hearing that she is potentially planning on suing the company, and I am curious as to whether she would have a case.

Again, we have all been told to read the fine print, and many companies have disclaimers about their products. But from looking at the label, there is no mention of not using it for hair, and that could be her out. We are truly living in some questionable times now, and it seems like it's not getting any better. But we have truly got to do better than this.

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