Attorney Gordon McKernan has signed his first NIL deal with an LSU athlete, but he won't stop until he can snag LSU football players.

LSU QB Myles Brennan
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McKernan says that LSU is behind other colleges around the country in the NIL game. He believes that the players and their handlers are charging too much and that makes deals go sour quickly.

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He had this to say to WAFB::

Out of the gate, a lot of these players across the country, specifically their handlers, had an inflated view of what the player was bringing to the court, to me or to any other company, The prices they were asking for, for a single tweet or a little social media, it just didn’t fit into the plan. I want to develop a relationship with whichever player we’re going to enter a deal to, not a one-time, one-cinch transaction, but more of a relationship across a whole semester or year of football. And I think it’s taken a little bit of time for that to kind of settle down. And I am exploring some deals right now and I’m open to deals, to support these student-athletes and also, at the same time, bring a benefit to my company. But LSU is behind in this game. There’s no doubt.

McKernan recently announced that he had signed a NIL deal with LSU women's basketball star Alexis Morris. He's proud that his first deal was with a female athlete, however, his eye is specifically on LSU football players.

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getty7 images

It seems that other universities have the NIL deal process ironed out and working way better than LSU. I think that's evident by the number of players LSU lost to the transfer portal after this last season. For the Tigers to compete, we have to figure this thing out and quick. I'm sure there are a ton of business owners like Gordon McKernan who are ready to throw many out players, it just has to be beneficial for the business too.

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