A GoFundMe Account has been set for the man who helped raise "Mike VI," the live LSU Mascot. Steve Cotner volunteered on a daily basis at Great Cats of Indiana and that is where he was first introduced to this tiger cub.

Mike's original name was Roscoe and it was Steve who helped raise this cub after it was separated from it's mother weeks after being born.

Steve and Roscoe, now Mike VI, immediately had an attraction for each other. The young cub's instincts told him to trust Steve and from there the relationship was built.

Steve says it hurt to see Roscoe go when LSU adopted him, but he knew deep down that the tiger he helped raise would be much better off in the care of LSU. After all, LSU does have a $1 Million habitat for their live mascot. And a top notch veterinary school on campus.

Sadly, Mike VI has been given just a few months to live after recently being diagnosed with cancer. Now, some are hoping to bring Steve and Mike back together---One more time.

The GoFundMe Account is set up to get Steve to Baton Rouge as Mike VI lives his final days. What a sad story, in more than just one way.

If you can donate to this wonderful cause, please do so. It's like bringing a kid and their parent back together after so many years.

UPDATE: LSU announced Monday morning that Mike VI is now under hospice care and will no longer be out in his yard/habitat. Not good.

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