Here's a run down of what's going on with some of the Classic Hits artist we play on 92.9 The Lake.

The man who co-wrote "Pretty Woman" with Roy Orbison passes away, another classic hits artist estate is tied up with an ex-girlfriend and Mick Jagger becoming a movie producer?

Roy Orbison and Bill Dees with an award for "Pretty Woman"

"Pretty Woman" was a monster of a hit. The song was first released in September of 1964 and went to #1 for three weeks. The song has become a bona fide classic and no doubt made a chunk of money for both Orbison and his co-writer Bill Dees. Dees died of brain cancer at a nursing facility in Mountain Home, Arkansas Wednesday on Wednesday at the age of 73. Dees also had songs recorded by Johnny Cash and Glen Campbell.

The late Gerry Rafferty


It's not unusual, following the death of a star, that everyone who ever met said star goes for a cash grab. Although Rafferty is only remembered for two hits on the Billboard chats, "Baker Street" and "Right Down the Line", his songwriting was still generating a sizable income. Add to that, the personal collection, including Matisse lithos, from his years as a rock star, an ex-girlfriend, and you've got all the makings of a court case.

In this case the British court decided that the ex-girlfriend was entitled to...NADA. All of Rafferty's possessions will go to his granddaughter.

The ex did get awarded only one thing by the court; a bill for $120,000 for legal fees!

James Brown and his #1 fan, Mick Jagger



It's no secret that Mick Jagger is a huge James Brown fan. Here is James Brown's performance in the 1964 movie "The TaMI Show"

And then compare it to Jagger and The Stones in the same show:

Jagger is taking his fandom to a new level when he assumes the role of producer in an upcoming biopic about the life of Brown. No word yet on who on earth could play the role of James Brown. Can you imagine trying to tackle a role like that? Bring your "A" game!