Here's the thing. No matter what happens. No matter what our critics and enemies may say. Americans will always rise to the occasion. Yeah, I know it's not "just Americans" and I know that not everyone at the scene yesterday was American. But, whether it was from an "outside" source or a "homegrown nut case", it was on American soil.

Believe it or not there are already "conspiracy" folks out there. One group wants to say that the government staged these bombings so that they could revoke more of our civil liberties.I wish these people would get lives and take their meds.

It was a tragedy. Wringing our hands and wailing "Don't feed the bulldog."

Sure, we need to be respectful and mindful. At the same time, we need to not wring our hands and say, "Poor us." Let's concentrate on what we can do, not what happened to us!

This is how people react to trouble:

Click on the picture below to see the "Heroes of Boston" Video from ABC



Paralympian athlete, Tatyana McFadden crosses the finish line in victory! She is part of a wheel chair athlete team. Her team mates call her The Beast!!!