To commemorate and honor those that have served in the military, Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys will be giving away free pizzas tomorrow.

Lit Pizza
Lit Pizza

He has partnered with Lit Pizza in Lake Charles to give free pizzas to the first 25 veterans who come in the door.

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Mr. McKernan said in a statement:

Veterans Day is a special day to honor those who have served and recognize the tremendous sacrifice they have made for our country. Thank you to all members of our military, past, and present.

veterans day (3 x 4 in)
Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys and Lit Pizza

If you're a veteran or a family member is, this Veterans Day promotion is good at every Lit Pizza location across Louisiana.

So let's make sure we get the word out about this awesome show of gratitude for all our men and women that served our country. They deserve an amazing pizza tomorrow on Veterans Day.

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