"Fraggle Rock" premiered on HBO 35 years ago.

It was created by Jim Henson.  Fraggle Rock was HBO's first original series, and it was the first American TV show to be broadcast in the Soviet Union.

I couldn't get enough of Fraggle Rock when I was young!  Every time that theme hit I was frozen in front of the television!

If you haven't seen the TV series, then prepare to have your life changed for the better!

Jim Henson described the Fraggle Rock series as:

"A high-energy, raucous musical romp. It's a lot of silliness. It's wonderful." - Jim Henson

My favorite Fraggle was Wimbley.  He was hilarious to me, always tripping on the Doozers stuff and just mayhem he would get himself into.  I actually own a few Wimbley plush figures and I named our snowman we put by the Christmas tree after him.

I'll leave you with a continuation of the first episode that we posted above:

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