A thread on Reddit went viral after someone asked hotel employees to spill their dirtiest secrets. And we won't blame you if you switch to camping after this.

Here are four things hotels won't tell you:

  1. You can't trust the drinking glasses in the rooms. The main goal of the cleaning staff is to make everything look clean. So a lot of times, they use the same dirty rag to wipe down the glasses in every room.
  2. Bedbugs are a real concern. Doesn't matter if it's a cheap motel or five-star resort. They've had them before, and could have them again. So never put your suitcase on the bed. And always check the corners of the mattress, underneath the fitted sheet.
  3. People do nasty things in hotel rooms. It's not unheard of for maids to find used rubbers and love toys people left behind. On a related note, sex workers tend to leave big tips for the maids.
  4. People die in hotels all the time. One guy claimed it happened in almost half of the beds at a dingy place where he used to work. He says it obviously depends on the type of hotel you're staying in though.

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