It's hard to imagine anyone but Mike Meyers being the voice of Shrek, but, as with most Hollywood productions there were other people who tested for the part besides Meyers. One of the stars who tried out for the part was none other than the late Chris Farley.

As luck would have it, a short, rough video clip was discovered of Farley's audition for the role and, needless to say, the rare video has gone nuts on the internet and all over Youtube. You'll also notice that in this early rough sketch piece of animation that the character of Shrek looks much different than the final version.

In this video, Farley supplies the voice for Shrek while Eddie Murphy, who was obviously already cast as "Donkey" lends his voice to this try-out. As funny as Chris Farley may have been, it's a rather lackluster audition and the choice of Mike Meyers as Shrek turned out rather well, don't you think?


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