Former Louisiana Governor and Navy pilot Edwin Edwards has decided to place himself under hospice care at his home.

The retired politican has served four terms as Louisiana govenror, he's also served as a Congressman and state Senator.

Edwards had this to say in a press release:

Since I have been in and out of hospitals in recent years with pneumonia and other respiratory problems, causing a lot of people a lot of trouble, I have decided to retain the services of qualified hospice doctors and nurses at my home. While people assume that hospice means I’m dying, I assure everyone it’s simply a matter of good and convenient care that is less trouble for everybody," Edwards said in a statement Monday. "I’ve made no bones that I have considered myself on borrowed time for 20 years and we each know that all this fun has to end at some point. But it won’t be anytime soon for me. In fact, I am planning my 95th birthday party for next summer and hope you’ll come.

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