Tim Bachman( far right), along with his brother Randy and Fred Turner had one heck of a rock career for about a year and a half in the mid 70's. Between March of 1974 and February of 1976 the band notched up 7 Top 10 hits.

then, as with most bands, the fame faded, the hits quit happening and folks went their different ways.

Randy Bachman, never had to worry about it because, well, he's Randy Bachman and is a respected guitarist. His brother Tim, on the other hand, eventually ended up in the real estate business. Now, the former rocker is facing serious charges brought by the alleged victim. If the charges are true, it's even more disturbing when you consider that Bachman had taken the girl in as a foster child.

According to the Calgary Herald, the crimes allegedly took place between 2000 and 2004 when Stacy Bohun, 24, was a foster child placed at Bachman’s home in the Fraser Valley. Bohun claims that Bachman gave her breast enhancement pills at the age of 11 and repeatedly fondled her sexual organs over the next four years, at which time she ran away from Bachman’s house.

The actual charges go back to 2010 but the case was not made public in order to protect Bohun's identity. Bohun has now gone public with the charges in hopes of giving other victims of molestation the inspiration to come forward.

Tim Bachman was a founding member of BTO, but left shortly after the release of the bands second album, Bachman Overdirve II.

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