We are proud residents of the great state of Louisiana! And although we appreciate the wonderful tourists that come here to enjoy our food, music, art, and festivals, we can spot a transplant pretty easily any day of the week.

Only in Louisiana has some hilarious ways to peg a newbie or a tourist in the Bayou State. Enjoy!

  • The way they give directions. We don't generally give that kind of info in miles. But we can tell you what's near the old Service Merchandise on Johnston St. Or how to get to some place close to the Vermillion River.
  • They wear Mardi Gras beads when it's not Mardi Gras. A dead giveaway.
  • They don't check the weather. This is critical info here. It can go from hot to cold, rain to clear, sunny to stormy pretty quickly. The Weather Channel is our friend in Louisiana. And always have an umbrella handy.
  • They pronounce everything wrong. Yeah, we know Atchafalaya, boudin, and Schexnayder are hard for some people to say correctly. And BTW, it's not New Or - Leens.
  • They call a Po' boy a hoagie, a grinder, or a sub. Every respectable citizen of Louisiana knows that it's always a po' boy. Always.
  • They can't tell you where they were when the Saints won the Super Bowl. Ummm, Who Dat, baby!
  • They scream out 'Roll Tide!'. Oh hell no.
  • They let you know that they are not a fan of seafood. Hey, more for us!
  • They don't understand that wildlife is pretty much a daily part of our lives. No we don't have alligators in our back yards, but it's not unusual to see them wandering around golf courses, or even I-10 occasionally.

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