Louisiana is known for its great camping locations and its overwhelming mosquito population.

Fast Company via YouTube
Fast Company via YouTube

Whether you plan on camping in the woods or at a park, you can bet that the blood-sucking hoards of mosquitoes won't be far behind. We've researched some products to make your life a little easier so you can enjoy your camping trip and relax.

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Here are five products to help repel mosquitoes at your campsite:

1. A great place to start would be with a really good repellent body spray. Deep Woods Off is designed to stay on your body longer and it contains 30% DEET.

2. When you're sitting around your campsite relaxing or eating, the last thing you want to be doing is swatting at mosquitoes every three seconds. I would recommend a Thermacell repeller. This product runs on propane camping canisters and can give you around 16 hours of relief.

3. This next item would be not only great for you to work on your tennis backhand, but it will give your kids something to do when they get bored.

4. Another tried and true method to keep mosquitoes at bay are citronella oil candles. These things work great and the candle below has three wicks, so it's throwing a crazy amount of citronella in the air and it still burns for around 25 hours. Grab a few of these and you'll be golden.

5. If you're camping at a park with electricity or if you have a solar set up in your deep woods camping location, a bug zapper is a great option to fight back those pesky six-legged vampires. There is just something so deeply satisfying about that zapping sound every few seconds.

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