It may be hard to believe. but there are still thousands of people to the east of us who are still without the basics. These victims have been forced from their homes and many have lost what little they had to with.

A group of people from the Lake Area are putting on a great, fun event and 100% of the proceeds benefit victims of the flood. On a personal note, I know the people putting on the event and this is one of those times you can be sure the money will go directly to the victims of the flood.

Here are the hard facts:

The fishing tournament is this Saturday at Cannon's Boat Launch at Black Bayou

There is a $100.00 entry and a splendid time is guaranteed for all. In addition to all the great fishing, they'll have entertainment for the kids and raffles throughout the day.

The weather is going to be ideal for fishing this weekend and now you can enjoy that and help out out neighbors to the east at the same time.

Contact Kevin Parsons or Larry Corbello:

985-601-8362 or 337-563-8711

You can also contribute at:


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