The 4th of July is right around the corner and every evening through Tuesday, the skies of Acadiana will be filled with fireworks displays big and small.

That's most enjoyable to humans but, as we know, seldom the same for our pets.

Our friends at Lafayette Animal Shelter and Care Center (LASCC) have some great tips to help keep your furry friends safe on the Fourth of July and the days ahead.

Dog in noise cancelling headphones, blue isolated background.

Preparing your home:

  • Keep pets secured inside your home.
  • Give them a safe place to hide.
  • Use ambient noise, a radio (Yay!), or a TV to mask the noise.
  • Keep them busy with a long-lasting bone or another treat.
  • Talk to a vet about medication if your pet fears loud noises.
  • Update the pet's ID tag in case it's lost.
  • Avoid firework displays to prevent them from running away.

LASCC says that, sadly, more pets go missing on the Fourth of July than any other day of the year as they try to escape the loud bangs and bright flashes of fireworks which are amplified for animals.

Take extra precautions using some of the above tips to make sure your pets are safe. And be on the lookout for lost fur babies.

What to do if you find a stray animal:

  • Most pets are found within 1-3 miles of their home.
  • Take a picture and post it to social media and share it on lost and found pet pages.
  • Ask residents in the area if they've seen this pet. Also, mail carriers tend to know where many pets live.
  • Bring the pet to any veterinary clinic to have it scanned for a microchip, a free service. If outside of regular hours of operation, take the animal to a 24/7 clinic.
  • Foster the pet until LASCC reopens on July 5.

Pet owners in search of their lost pet should check the LASCC Lost Pet webpage at


As a reminder, the setting off, possession, sale or handling of any fireworks in the City of Lafayette is prohibited. Anyone caught violating the ordinance may be subject to criminal penalties.

Fireworks are allowed in unincorporated areas of the parish. Fireworks may be used, set off, and shot from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm through July 5 every day except on July 4 which is extended to 1:00 am July 5.

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