Lifelong resident, former Reeves police officer, and Allen Parrish Sheriff's Department Deputy, Darrell "Soul" Semien, died Sunday, January 24. He was a dear friend and fellow committee member of Oberlin's Perfect Ten. We are devastated by his loss and offer Karla, his kids and family our deepest most heartfelt condolences. Darrell will be missed.

He was a devoted husband and loving father who served his community with pride as a Deputy Sherriff. When he passed, never in a million years did his wife and family, dream buying a burial plot at Oaklin Springs Cemetery in Oberlin for his eternal rest, would be denied because of race, which is exactly what that family says happened. Semien worked as an officer in Allen Parrish for more than 15 years.

The employee who denied Semien's burial has been terminated.

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