Looks like some fall weather is on the way. It’ll be wet, though, and the weather service is saying that some of the coldest temps of the season are on the way for late in the coming weekend! Maybe I should say coolest lest anyone panic. Of course, that could change.

Baseball playoffs are all tied at one game each. The Saints were off, the Lions were off, the Browns lost, but LSU won with their quarterback from Ohio State. I’ve noticed that people never mention they hate the Big Ten, it’s always they hate Ohio State. And for all of you who have noticed an anti-LSU bias by the CBS announcers, Gary Danielson in particular, now know how it feels when announcers are biased against our teams; or who are rooting for the Yankees or Red Sox or Dodgers or Dallas Cowboys or perhaps the Patriots. I could go on, but you get my drift.

Yahoo sports is reporting that Vin Scully, the Longtime Dodgers announcer, has declined Joe Bucks’ invitation to visit the broadcast booth as the NLCS moves to L.A. Longtime Brewers broadcaster Bob Uecker visited Saturday while the series was in Milwaukee. Scully is considered a great broadcaster, but he put me to sleep in a hurry.

Trying to dodge coworkers who have colds. Wish me luck. I’ve got a big can of Lysol and I’m not afraid to use it.

Have a great week!

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