I have spent most of the last thirty years of my life in Lake Charles; but I have made a couple of side trips also. I did live in Baton Rouge for a while and had New Orleans Saints season tickets the year they won it all. There is one thing I remember about all of those games.

Sean Payton
getty images / Chris Graythen

It was very loud at all of those games. I remember people screaming at the top of their lungs. If you have been to a Saints game you know that you aren't actually yelling words or sentences ... you are just making noise. You know it's working when the opposing team has to waste a time out because they can't hear. The Falcons have been to our dome.

Falcon's Head Coach Smith said “We play in a lot of loud venues, and the Superdome is one of the loudest, We have ways that we prepare.  We’ve been preparing since training camp.”

We'll find out how prepared they are Sunday. I know the "Who Dat" nation will be very loud and hopped up on Roasted Falcon.



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