Over the weekend, people were out all over the country celebrating Memorial Day and just being excited about being out and about. Folks went on their boats, went to the beach, hung by their pool, and lit up their pits while enjoying the extended weekend.

LSU fans were in Destin, Florida over the weekend, obviously, because Facebook exploded with fans taking pictures of Coach Ed Orgeron taking a run by the beach in the resort town.

Let me tell you, not only does Coach O have a great tan, but he is also in pretty good shape for a 58-year-old man. I guess that now that he is a bachelor, he is trying to stay in shape. Didn't know that? We reported back in April that Ed Orgeron filed for divorce from his wife of 23 years.

He are some of the pictures and videos fans posted on Facebook when they saw Coach O running through this weekend. You will even see a fan who videoed the coach saying his iconic phrase, "Geaux Tigers."

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