My escapades in finding a place to live have become rather public, and I'm afraid I allowed myself to become a bit negative about the whole thing and I don't like being negative, so I thought I would share a bit of good news. I just saved a bunch of money on car insurance. Sorry, I couldn't resist that. Fact is, I found a great place to live at a very reasonable price.

One of my friends, let's call him Bob Marcantel since that's his name, read my story about being displaced and started wondering what he could do to help. Well, Bob says he walked outside and was thinking about the problem when, he looked across the street and saw people moving out of a house. Bob went to the owners, told them about my plight and before you know it, I was signing a lease.

Now, I don't know the property owners, but I do know several people who live in the neighborhood and they all say that Pat and Kay are aces as neighbors. Kay told me that they know they could be charging more, but they just can't bring themselves to charge some of the prices people are charging in Lake Charles.

Not only did I find a great place to live, but the neighbors are great, the location is great and the place I found is pretty much custom made for what I need. I can't move in for another 3 weeks because the owners decided that the place needed a major upgrade. Not only are they charging a reasonable rent, but they are gutting the place to make it even nicer.

Well, the whole upshot of this story is to tell you how blessed I have been through this entire adventure. From day one, my friends have rallied around me. My friends Mitch, Robbie and Blake made an all day move last about 2 hours. Thanks to the stories I wrote on this site, total strangers have gotten in touch with me about solutions. It's pretty darn humbling when total strangers rush to your rescue.

One friend in particular, I call her Mizz Ruby, gave up her privacy to allow me to have a place to lay my head. Actually, she has done a lot more than that. Mizz Ruby has seen to it that my exile is more of a vacation. I am so blessed to have the friendship of so fine a lady. She is, without a doubt, one of the finest people I have ever had the pleasure to know.

I've also learned a lot from this experience. One thing I learned was that my life was too cluttered. Before I move to my new home, I'm going to have a very unique yard sale. I'll give you a heads up before I do it. Basically, I'm going to put a sign out that says, "Free! Take What You Need."

One day, in the midst of all the insanity of finding a place to live, I took a look at the storage space I rented. At first, I guess I was feeling sorry for myself because I thought, "This is sad. Everything I own fits in this storage space". Right on top of that came another thought.I don't need half of what I have in storage.

Now, I ask you. Is my life great, or what?

My thoughts and prayers are with anyone who is in a similar situation. My only advice is to have faith. It will get you through.

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