Eunice Police Chief Randy Fontenot says there have been two shootings on Townhome Drive in the space of just a week.

Fontenot says this is a case of same alleged suspect and the same location involved in the second shooting too.

Officials say that back on May 3, they went to a house on Townhome Drive after there was a call to authorities about a shooting. That Sunday, they arrested a man named Dustin "Goldmouth" Johnson because they allege this man went on a shooting spree, but Chief Fontenot says thankfully no one was injured that time.

This weekend, that was not the case, as two people were hurt, and one of those people is still in the hospital. This weekend's shooting happened at around 11 o'clock at night.

A man known as "KK" was shot, and Chief Fontenot says his family took him to get medical treatment at the hospital. Fontenot says that man's real name is Damarquis Robinson.

The second suspect didn't have his family take him to the hospital because he was hiding in the woods that are right near this house on Townhome Drive. That second man that was shot has been identified as 21-year-old Brandon Ndubueze from Eunice.

Chief Fontenot tells KPEL,

The investigation is continuing. One suspect/victim remains hospitalized and another is in custody. This particular residence has been the target of multiple shootings going back to last year.

The Chief says Robinson is still in the hospital, but Ndubueze was treated and released. After being released from the hospital, authorities took him and booked him into the Eunice City Jail.

Fontenot says his department is dedicated to working to curb violence in the city.


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