Louisiana does not have the best reputation when it come to politics. We have a storied past of backroom deals and cash under the table connections that have become legendary. Attorney General Jeff Landry has announced policy changes that will hopefully put an end that kind of policy creation in our state.

Landry announced yesterday that his office is eliminating all outside government legal contracts with District Attorneys and their civil practices. Basically that means that now lawyer in a full time position with his office will be permitted to take on private legal cases on the side.

Any lawyer employed by this department and engaged in the legal representation of the state will be precluded from practicing law outside of the department.

Landry's comments were reported by the Louisiana Radio Network. He went on to say that when there is clearly no conflict of interest his office could allow his attorney's to pro-bono work.

Landry suggested in his comments that the responsibilities and job of the office of the Attorney General had not changed. It was his intention to have Attorney General's office functioning at a high level of honesty and efficiency.

Bad lawyering normally leads to bad law. What happened is that what we’ve seen is there has been a pattern of abuse inside of this office which is what we’re trying to ferret out.

Landry was elected as Attorney General last year and was sworn is as A.G. in January of this year.

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