Yes, this is one of those "cute animal" psots, but it's a really special one. Kham Lha  is an elephant in the Elephant Nature Park and is also quite fond of it's trainer. So much so that there is almost a motherly instinct on the part of the elephant.

Darrick is Kham Lha's trainer and the bond between the two of them is really amazing. The bond is so close that Lha seems to feel protective of Darrick. In this video, Darrick waded out to where the water was over his head and pretended to struggle. Lha lost no time in coming to the trainers rescue and used it's giant elephant trunk to hold up it's trainer.

Makes you wonder just what kinds of bonds are formed between us and animals. One of the cool things about Youtube is that, over the ears, we've all seen so many man and animal videos that it's obvious that we have some sort of telepathic communication with these amazing beast.

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