I have been a huge fan of Pixar ever since the first time I saw, "The Brave Little Toaster." It's not because the animation is so spot on, nor is it the great voices and big stars they have in all their films. It's all the little extras. It's those extras that give any project quality.

Have you ever noticed that all Pixar films have something in common?. They all seem to have that one moment where they think it's time to make us cry. They usually succeed, too. The stories are touching and most amazing of all is that, over the years, we've been cheering on and believing in such as a toaster, various and sundry toys and a car. I have a confession to make.

When I watch 'Cars", near the end, there is the scene when James Taylor sings one of those beautiful James Taylor songs and I just lose it. Let's hear it for making animated characters truly come to life.

I've also heard that Pixar movies contain a lot of little surprises and Easter Eggs, so I thought I'd share this instructional video with you about all those Easter Eggs. Besides, you'll appreciate the movie even more. Happy Egg hunting

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