Dustin Poirier might have 99 problems, but Conor McGregor isn't one of them.

Quite possibly the biggest headline after Poirier's win over McGregor at UFC 264 (besides the obvious gruesome leg snap) was a one-liner addressing the crowd who was booing during The Diamond's post-fight interview in the octagon.

If you need an NSFW reminder, Poirier said that everyone booing could kiss his "whole a**hole." This immediately sent Poirier fans into a frenzy. From Cajun Country to the Twittersphere, "Kiss my...." was trending almost instantly.

Then came the memes.

But do you know where Poirier borrowed his timely one-liner from? It actually comes from someone who's also known for his one-liners and he just so happens to be married to someone with Louisiana ties.

In 2004, Shawn Corey Carter dropped the third single from his project 'The Black Album' titled "99 Problems." The chorus hook was actually from an older Ice-T record of the same name, but the song features a specific lyric that inspired Poirier's epic clap back.

The NSFW lyric appears at the :21 mark.

Like I said earlier, JAY-Z's song was inspired by Ice-T's 1993 single "99 Problems."

The way the song came together between JAY-Z and legendary producer Rick Rubin is pretty amazing and is one of my favorite pieces of documented music history.

While we're discussing this, I'd like to share one of my favorite versions of the chorus hook, which is a country-esque rock banger by Hugo.

If you're a fan of Hov or hip-hop then you probably already connected these dots, but if not, you now have an interesting tidbit of info that may come in handy at a future JAY-Z trivia night.

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