It's been a tough year for A&E's 'Duck Dynasty,' but this could be the turnaround here, folks. Because, as the New York Times reports, the Robertson family is helping to develop a Broadway-style musical about everyone's favorite bearded family.

This is a real thing, folks. And it's going to be called "The Duck Commander Family Musical."

Can we get a slow clap here?

The 90-minute show, with actors playing the family members from A&E’s “Duck Dynasty” as they celebrate the family’s long history from rags to riches, hopes to open in February at the Rio hotel and casino, where the Chippendales show and Penn & Teller are now running. -- The New York Times 

The family is involved in the musical's creation, having approval over the script and the casting, so there shouldn't be any worries that producers are planning to make fun of the family or the show. There are currently 14 songs in the score, with the proposed opener being called "Faith, Food and Family."

But, it wouldn't be Duck Dynasty without a little controversy. Some of the producers of the show are openly liberal and gay, which is interesting in light of Phil Robertson's strong condemnation of homosexuality -- a stance that got Robertson temporarily suspended from the show.

So will the show be successful? 'Duck Dynasty's' ratings peaked at 11 million, though only 4 million people tuned in to last season's finale. Phil Robertson's suspension could have either been the show's death knell -- or it could attract morbidly curious viewers back to the show when its seventh season starts Nov. 19.

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