When he first visited the city after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees new that he needed New Orleans as much as New Orleans needed him.

There were two things that Drew wanted to bring to New Orleans. A championship, which he succeeded in in his fourth year with the team, and hope. He continues to bring hope to the city that he loves.

According to NOLA.com, his latest gift to New Orleans was giving $250,000 to build KIPP Believe, a school at Columbia Parc in Gentilly for kindergarten through eighth-grade students.

"It's the beacon of hope mentality," Brees said. "You go into an area that otherwise didn't have any hope and transform it. It not only gave hope within, but it lets everyone else around it know what's possible."

The area was rebuilt after Katrina, but was lacking a school for K-8 grade students. That's where Drew Brees stepped in after visiting the area four years ago.

The man really can't do any wrong.

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