Hey, I'm a bargain shopper, and I love to purchase vintage items. But some things should never be bought used. Ever. Especially if you like to peruse the merchandise at thrift stores. House Beautiful has really opened my eyes about products that should definitely be bought new. Below is their list of things to never, ever purchase secondhand. You've been warned. Happy shopping, y'all!

  • Bedding. Sheets, linens, blankets. You can't ever sanitize these enough if they are used
  • Antique Crystal. Made with outdated standards, which means it could contain up to 32% lead
  • Appliances. If you can't test them to see if they work in the store, then pass.
  • Old Dishware. You can use it for display, but it could contain unsafe materials, and be dangerous to eat on.
  • Cribs. Improved safety standards mean you need to never buy these used. Ever.
  • Construction Materials. If if you like the Shabby Chic look, any doors, windows or molding made before 1978 probably contains lead.
  • Furniture or any items with chipped paint. Not all vintage items contain lead paint, but why take the chance unless you can test it.
  • Vintage Hardware. Lead exposure, need we say more?
  • Mattresses. Bed Bugs. #UGH
  • Used Cookware. Could contain  harmful chemicals.
  • Pillows. Here's a thought - bed bugs can live up to one year on some materials. Do you really want to lay your head on someone else's pillow??
  • Rugs. You can hardly ever get rid of stains, smoke, or mildew. Buy new!
  • Anything That Smells. No. Just no.
  • Upholstered Furniture. Bed bugs. Mold. Allergens
  • Utensils. These could contain metals that might contaminate your food.

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