I think most of us know someone who is addicted to prescription drugs. It starts out as a legitimate need and develops into a problem for some. When targeting illegal drugs ... we attempt stop the supply chain. Why not do that with prescription drugs?

getty Images/Darren McCollester

I have worked with people and have family members who are addicted to prescription drugs. It is an issue very close to my heart. I see them get every cold that comes down the line dues to weakened immune systems. I see them gain weight from inactivity. I see them always dragging and depressed. They always seem to have a pain somewhere. They are just as addicted as an alcoholic or crack addict. We need to help them and prevent future addicts. Local, state and federal enforcement agencies spend a ton of money going after illegal drug suppliers. Why not stop attempt to the prescription drug abuse in much the same way. We need to stop the supply and it is beyond me why this has not already been done.

Why is there no online national prescription registry? Every time a prescription is written it should be filed in the registry. Doctors could be required to check the registry before writing prescriptions for patients. This would also be a great resource for doctors offices and hospitals. This is 2014! Again, Why has this not already been done? 

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