This is either music I grew up on or some of the first stuff I played on the radio. I hope you enjoy my favorite thirty minutes from the previous week on 92.9 The Lake. This set is from the 10 a.m. hour on Wednesday 3/27/2014.

This music set was one of my favorites because it has a little of lots of different styles and because it starts off kickin'! Tommy James and the Shondells get this thing rolling.

You can't get any batter than the King of Pop. Michael steps in with one of his monster hits and a video that showcases some of his best moves.


Let's throw a little attitude in this set with Jonathan Edwards.

Now we'll give you something a little more soothing but just as sad as James Taylor gives us a classic break up song.

It seems that every time you turn around an American Idol contestant is doing one of his songs. Here's the real thing!  It's Stevie Wonder!

Time to bring in the orchestra to wrap this up. Here's the Electric Light Orchestra.