The longer I own a dog, the more convinced I am that they are far smarter than we know. It's funny and very cool how Hank and I have learned to read each other. There are times where I can tell that he knows exactly what I'm going to do next, because he gets ready. I'll give you an example.

When I'm ready to start to head out the door for work, Hank senses it and gets by the door to say goodbye. There is a lamp in my bedroom, and the last thing I do before I head for the door is turn off that lamp. As soon as I do that, Hank scrambles to the front door.

Well, the dog in this video knows when he and his master are going to the dog park and he just goes insane. Nothing earth shaking here, just a great reaction from a lovable mutt. This is exactly how Hank reacts when he sees me get his leash.

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