It's been a long time, and Houston fans would prefer to forget the last time the team made it to the World Series In 2005, the last time the Astros made it to the world series, they didn't win a single game. That was then, but last night the Astros came out fighting!

It may have taken 11 innings, but the Astros have not only notched up their first World Series win, but they proved to the world last night that they can beat Los Angeles on their own turf. Yes, the Dodgers pitchers have given the Astros fits, but last night, the team seemed to have things figured out!

Here's a bit of Astros history for you. It was back in the '80s, and the Astros were looking for ways to get the fans excited, so it was decided that what they needed was a team song that the crowd could sing along with - and "Go- Go Astros" was born. Here's a copy for you to play during the 7th inning stretch tomorrow night when the series heads to Astros home turf for game 3! Go Go Astros!

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