Yes, I have a cluttered desk. Yes, that is my desk in the picture. Granted, I pushed it all to the middle for the picture, but even when it's spread out, it's cluttered.

If you have a cluttered desk, you don't exactly belong to an exclusive club. A recent study finds that most folks have more clutter than one might think.

You know all the paperwork, Post-Its, photos, soy sauce packets, and other junk strewn across your desk at work?  Experts say it makes your job performance sub-par.

I look at it like this: 'experts' aren't always right. I say it depends on exactly how your mind works. I've always felt that some peoples 'clutter' is another person's filing system.

According to a new survey, the average worker has 14 POUNDS of clutter on their desk.  And on average, we each waste one-and-a-half days a year just sifting through it.  But the messiest among us waste about TWICE that much time.

The survey found that men over 45 are the WORST about it.  And believe it or not, people between the ages of 16 and 24 allow the LEAST amount of clutter to pile up.

But men are bad about it in general, and 13% admit their boss has actually had to TALK to them about how messy their desk is, compared to 7% of women.

Still, 46% of the people polled claimed that being more organized would NOT make them better at their job.

I may have a cluttered desk, but the bottle of Jameson hidden under it helps me get through the day.

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