David Letterman's contribution to late night TV is huge. Just as Johnny Carson was ending his ownership of the coveted time slot, along came the first of the late night hosts that wasn't a Caron wannabe.

Letterman's approach was completely different than Carson and his sense of humor, that dry,often sarcastic wit was just right for the times. Like Carson in his early days, Letterman was creative, innovative and fresh.

The whole Top 10 phenomenon was one of the elements that made the show so funny. Sure, there were times when Dave's Top 10 didn't exactly work out, but he was so consistent that it spawned a slew of imitators. For several years, just about every morning show in radio featured some variation on the Top 10 list.

Here then is Dave's final, star studded Top 10 list. Late nights will never be the same.

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