To be perpetually billed as a "former teen idol" has to be rough on a guy that has been at the very top of the heap. It certainly seems that way for most "former teen idols" and none more than David Cassidy. Ever since his years as a pop idol ended his life seems to be little more than a series of professional and financial setbacks.When it comes to Cassidy, history seems to be repeating itself.

Several years ago, Cassidy chronicled his way to the top and the hard slide down in a self-penned biography, In the book he talks about the extreme financial hardships,the failed marriages and loss of his home and now it's happening all over again.

This time around Cassidy, who is now 65 years old, was issued a traffic citation for an accident in Fort Lauderdale. Cassidy has now been charged with leaving the scene of that accident. According to the police report, the accident was more of a sideswipe allegedly committed by Cassidy while he was changing lanes on a Florida freeway.

Cassidy's latest troubles include a history of alcohol abuse, filing for bankruptcy and the auctioning off of his $1.8 million home in Florida. Cassidy says the bankruptcy and listing of his home has to do with going through a divorce and is not in any way related to his fight with alcoholism.

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