Here’s hoping, but you’ll probably understand when I say I don’t have a lot of faith in the latest “fix”.

Let’s go back to Superbowl weekend, when we once again could not get online. The machine was tied up for about 90 minutes while diagnostics were performed, and the hardware was checked out. During one of those scans an “unknown error occurred”, forcing the scan to be restarted. A couple of hours later, we again could not get online. We spent another 30-45 minutes for more scans, that ended with “back up all of your data” in case the operating system has to re-installed. The call ended with the promise of an “all in one repair” scan on Superbowl Sunday which will take 1 to 2 hours. And it did take that long.

Monday morning we once again could not get online. I spoke to a tech that evening, and said, “you know, maybe it’s time you consider either replacing this thing or refunding our money”. I was told he would review the case and get back with me, I assumed the next day. Someone did call last Thursday, and I basically told him the same thing I told the other tech on Monday. He also said he would review the case, and I got the idea that perhaps they would agree. That hope was dashed on Friday. We were getting ready to head to the grocery store when he called and said they would not exchange the computer, but suggested it could be the firewall setting on the anti-virus program. Since there was not time for him to do anything that evening, and I was not about to let them ruin a second consecutive weekend, I told him he could call back on Monday evening.

They called Tuesday evening while we were out. It was Valentine’s Day after all. Made contact last night, and we went to the firewall on the anti-virus program and clicked the “restore defaults” tab. He then ran another scan, and we were done.

It’s worked so far, but that’s the m-o. If I restart it, the machine works fine for 2 or 3 days, so the weekend will be the acid test. You have no idea how bad I want it to pass that test!

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