Let me begin by being the last to wish you Happy New Year!

This year, the holidays just didn't seem like the holidays. Maybe it was the weather, but instead of going out for Thanksgiving dinner, we decided to stay home and had a couple of burgers. Christmas was too warm, I think, and even though I was off the week before, neither of us bothered to wrap our gifts to each other. The tree stayed up longer than usual. This year, we put it in a different place and the cats didn’t mess with it much after the first couple of days. We never go out on New Year's Eve, and this year we didn’t do anything special at home. Saw some decent fireworks in the neighborhood, though. Spent Monday making calls to tech support for the new computer. Well, the printer mostly.

The new computer we bought in September started having issues, finally resulting in a hard drive failure. The machine is still under warranty, so a tech was sent out with a new hard drive. Didn't work. They sent the tech back out with a new motherboard. Still nothing. A box was sent for us to ship it back for repair, and we got it back just before Christmas. They had replaced the daughter board, the main logic board, and cables.

I spent the next few days installing our programs on it, although I apparently forgot how to restore the backup for one of the programs, because after I had restored it, Ginger said "it says it doesn't exist". After more frustration on my part, I called their tech support and got it done. I told Ginger I remember when the computer program told you where it was going to be and gave you the option to put it somewhere else, but she said I was mistaken. Happens a lot lately.

I did have a little trouble installing the printer, but got it to work on the second try.
Then we found it would not duplex print. Called tech support, and they had me change a setting on the printer software, and it duplex printed. Later that day, we found that the printer would not feed paper from tray 1. Another call to tech support. Got that issue resolved after a while, but I wanted to make sure it would still duplex print. Nope. Printed the document on two sheets of paper. They had me change another setting, and voila, it duplex printed. Got an email from my wife the next day who said the printer was now duplex printing everything! Yeah, makes you wanna scream.

My wife found a way around that so she can get her stuff done. It has been discovered that envelopes aren’t automatically feeding into the printer, so until we figure that one out, she just has to push the ok button on the printer.

And we thought technology was supposed make our lives easier!

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