Kinks guitarist Dave Davies said he and brother Ray Davies had spent a month writing songs together, and he was hopeful that a new album would arrive toward the end of 2019.

He also said that drummer Mick Avory, the other surviving member of the original lineup, was taking part in the project, according to a report by ABC Radio News. The proposed album could consist of redeveloped archive material along with brand-new songs.

“Ray and I are trying to get all these ideas together so that, hopefully, there might be a Kinks thing out at the end of the …year,” Davies said, noting that “a good six to 10 songs” had been developed. “I’m hoping to write some lyrics for some of Ray’s songs, which might be a nice idea, emotionally apart from anything else.

“When we first started … getting together, Ray played me some tapes, and I played him a couple of my ideas,” Dave explained. “And I found … it’s the humor, it’s the fun of it that came back. The flood of laughter and fun and silliness. It’s like, it doesn’t really matter, any of it, but when love is there, everything makes sense and everything’s important.”

Discussing the pressure the Davies brothers felt from fans who’ve been hoping for a reunion for years, he noted that "all these great albums and … songs that Ray has written, it’s not that important, but … it is important. … It’s a tremendous, not responsibility, but we want people to be happy. … People have difficult lives … and being a Kinks fan can’t be easy.”

Last year, Ray predicted the long-awaited reunion could take place in 2019 as a result of their collaboration over the 50th anniversary edition of The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society.

“I’m toying with the idea of working with Dave again,” he said. “We uncovered a lot of tapes when we were looking for Village Green material outtakes, and we might be doing an album next year. But I’ve got a couple other projects first.”

Avory reported that he and Dave were on speaking terms after their relationship had broken down in 1984, saying after the three men attended an art exhibition, they had “a couple of pictures taken together and a chat, and yeah, that was good.”


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