Boy Meets World actress Danielle Fishel opened up about the time she got catfished by a much older fan.

On the latest episode of the Boy Meets World podcast Pod Meets World, Fishel revealed she was catfished by an older man when she was only 12 years old.

Fishel made the revelation while she and her co-hosts Rider Strong and Will Friedle were talking about the fan mail they received back in the day.

"When we first started getting fan mail, I also read them all and responded to them all. I got a letter in ’93 from a young girl and she included pictures of herself in it, and she was in gymnastics," Fishel said.

The pair began to write back and forth. Eventually Fishel felt "close to her." She even received pictures of the girl's older brother, who allegedly took care of the girl after her parents died.

"So I call her. And I get her voicemail, but it’s not her. It’s her brother’s voicemail because it’s his house. They live in an apartment together, but her name isn’t anywhere on the voicemail," Fishel continued.

Strong suddenly figured out where Fishel's story was going, exclaiming, "She doesn’t exist! She doesn’t exist — some guy pretending to be a girl, you got catfished!"

Indeed, the person Fishel had been corresponding with was an older man pretending to be a young girl.

"The way it all came out is because I kept calling her, and I left my phone number and she wouldn’t call me back. Then we got a letter from her brother saying that she had died, and my mum woke up in the middle of the night and was like: ‘She never existed, it’s always been him!'" Fishel added.

After that, the man began showing up at Fishel's school and "telling people he was there to pick me up."

Unfortunately, Fishel did not explain how the situation was handled after that or what happened to the man. Thankfully, however, she's safe.

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