No matter which genre of music you prefer, you've heard 'Linger'. It starts slowly, acoustic, then the string section falls in mellow. It's a dreamy melody about a girl who has given away her first ever kiss to a boy she's in love with, then wonders whether he ever liked her at all or if he'd fooled her just to steal her kisses.

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Getty Images - Dolores O'Riordan dead at 46

You've heard it because it played across almost every radio station format back in 1993 when the Cranberries made their debut out of Ireland. The video was also remarkable for its use of greyscale to achieve a noir effect, utilizing vintage hair and clothing styles to help illustrate the lyrics.

Now comes sad news from the UK that Linger singer Dolores O'Riordan, former lead singer of The Cranberries has passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in her London hotel room. So far the death is 'unexplained', but it was sudden and her family is devastated.

She was a lovely and incredible talent, may she rest in the Peace of our Lord.

"Linger" from 1993 on YouTube

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