Sheriff Tony Mancuso stated in a recent press conference that a suspect has been identified in the murder investigation of a dead body that was found on 1-10 near Ruth Street in Sulphur on Tuesday.

The CPSO has issued a warrant for second-degree murder, theft of a motor vehicle, simple burglary of an inhabited dwelling and two counts of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Sheriff Mancuso announced yesterday in a press conference that Gene Mclain, 57, of Beaumont is wanted in connection with the death.


Mclain is believed to be armed and dangerous, so if you see him do not approach him.  Immediately call 911 and alert the authorities of his whereabouts.

Mclain was convicted of murder when he was 16 and severed 30 years of a 50 year sentence.

Michael Deville Sr., 68, (pictured below) was found deceased by Louisiana State Troopers next to his truck on I-10 near Sulphur around 2:50 am on Tuesday.


Deville's cell phone was not on his person when his body was found.  The authorities were able to track his phone to a gas station in Beaumont were they reviewed surveillance camera footage and identified Mclain in possession of the phone and throwing it away in a trash can.

Sheriff Tony Mancuso believes more people were directly involved in the crime or helped Mclain get away and are currently helping him evade law enforcement.