The Baylor Bears were in a grouchy mood after having been clipped last night by the McNeese Cowgirls 11-10 in the opening round, and this afternoon having to play back to back games, first chewing through Prairie View 9- 0, just to get a final elimination showdown with McNeese didn't help their dispositions any, they were not accommodating at all.

The Bear's Gia Rodini threw a no-hitter and allowed only three walks as Baylor ended the Cowgirls 2018 season 6-0 in College Station, Texas, tonight at the Texas A&M Regionals of the NCAA College Softball World Series.

We salute McNeese's 3rd consecutive conference championship and 41-21 season record, and wish the five departing seniors the best of luck and thank you for the memories. We're certain you've set a fine example for the younger Cowgirls as they attempt a fourth straight next title next year.

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